Fabric Blend Disclaimer

Some Dance Junkie tee-shirt prints are DTG (direct to garment) or Screen Print. Both techniques provide different results on certain fabric blends.

Due to the looser weave and combination of some fabrics, most tee-shirt garments will have a faded/vintage outcome with DTG printing. This is a pretty cool effect. The results of DTG is a softer vintage. If you are looking for a more opaque finish on a tee-shirt, then a screen print tee would be the right choice. Refer to our t-shirt descriptions for DTG or Screen Print options.

All Over Print Designs

Dance Junkie® All Over Printed shirt designs are used with a sublimation printing technique. There will be places on the t-shirt that appear that have not been printed, resulting in the shirt to have white streaks (mainly around the crease of the underarm area). This appearance is nothing to be alarmed about as it is distinctive of the all over print design. The shirt will have white streaks and should not be returned as a mistake. If you are still in question, please do not hesitate to send photos and questions to [email protected]