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  Interview with John Kemper, current dance studio owner of Kemper Dance in Deland, Florida and judge for the Orlando Magic dance team. Follow Kemper Dance on Facebook at *How to become a dancer for a sports team *The difference between commercial audition, contemporary or college dance audition *The importance of Audition preparation *Social media could hinder your audition if you aren't careful *Networking with other dancers *Health & Body At the Barre sponsored by Dance Junkie®.  *NBA Orlando Magic Audition Details  Get your FREE #DanceJunkie Sticker here!

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I'm truly saddened by the news of a wonderful dance pioneer, mentor, and teacher, Doug Caldwell.    As a 17-year-old girl, my memories of him burn brightly in my mind. He commanded the room, the dance floor was his playground and his body was the canvas which unleashed the passion in what sparked a massive trend of what became known as lyrical dance.   When you watched him, you could feel his energy and passion when he moved, he brought us to another dimension. Doug held the magic.     My good childhood friend, and creator of MOVE and MoveTVNetwork, Melinda Songer Soderling,...

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As I look back at my career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher, I am filled with joy and gratitude in knowing that God blessed me with talents and gifts that touched so many lives. In my earlier years, I excelled in dance and I achieved countless goals from learning this after school activity that turned into more than just an enjoyable pass time. I received scholarships, won several titles, trophies, and I eventually earned a living as a dancer. Only a small percentage of trained dancers embark on making a life time career in this art form. I...

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