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How to AVOID the Pitfall of Duplicating Music for your Choreography. The season of competitive dance is coming to a head for some of you. For many studio owners and dancers, you are on road to nationals. For others, you might be holding back and re-evaluating the season, with the intention to re-ignite the creative flame for the new competition season. Where ever you fall on this road map, chances are you are contemplating the next theme and song selection for your group dances or soloist. Choosing the right music is important.   As a dance teacher and choreographer, it’s fair...

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The sight of your precious 3-year-old toddler, dressed in pink, rosy cheeks and looking like a princess on the recital stage. Camera ready and all of the relatives are here to watch!  All year long, she has been learning a dance routine to display in front of hundreds of people…YES, hundreds of people. GULP  All year long, your toddler has been entering into a big space to learn the creative movement of dance, but is she really learning how to dance?  Because according to what you just witnessed on stage, your daughter didn’t learn a damn thing. She just stood...

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