SYTYCD Next Generation...a Disappointment?

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SYTYCD Next Generation...a Disappointment?

So You What did you think of SYTYCD Next Generation?

Remember, dance is subjective and everyone is a critic, but did America get this right?

All I can say is...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Regardless, If you agree with the outcome, it's safe to say "What an incredible 1st season for So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation!"

 The talent that came across the television airwaves this season, was absolutely amazing! It was a nice fresh change of pace to witness talent in youngsters who embodied seasoned professional level ability in which other dancers only dream to achieve!

The sour note and the big let down, was a favorite contestant, Tate. I’m pretty sure the outcome wasn't welcomed, with Tate placing 3rd overall. Her ability to cross the lines in the dance genre's was amazing, and her lines were exquisite. The buzz blaring across my twitter feed was going mad, insane and people turning off the show once she was eliminated!  But this girl has class! Not one facial grimace or tear shed in front of the audience. Plus, she managed to put on her professional game face and perform a final dance with Kida and knocked it outta the park! Now that was impressive!


 Looking on at the remaining 2 contestants, Kida and JT, I can’t say that I was too disappointed, but I was surprised that America didn’t bring Tate to the final win of the 1st season.


JT who is 10 years old, appears as though he is 6, with stage presence (according to Paula Abdul) of someone who "7 feet tall", stole our hearts with his small stature, big dance moves and precious expressions. He was always consistent in his performances and never ceased to amaze the audience and judges. He is a talent to look out for and probably on the path to a successful future in the dance industry…Well, at least until he grows out of that cute little baby face, then he will have to seriously "bring it” as he matures! 


The overall Final winner of SYTYCD Next Generation, Kida, the hip hop dancer with no formal training, impeccable timing, musicality and stage presence was a pleasant surprise for many. To me, he is a breath of fresh air and never a disappointment when he performed! The best feel-good story of the season, as this mighty young man dedicated his passion for dance, in remembrance, to his father who is deceased and no doubt looking down from Heaven with joy.   The support from his dancing family and friends made him who he is today. He is definitely a champ!  A total Champion and well deserving of the winner of the 1st SYTYCD Next Generation Title! 


Since Tate didn’t take it away, Kida is definitely well deserving of the title. Kida, beat all the odds, with NO formal training! He rose up to the top, performed an outstanding performance each week and stole the hearts of Americans. 


I think the producers of the show did a great switch up this season with bringing in the RAW talent that is hidden among the American studios…and the streets, where you can find a treasure chest of unique dance styles.  


Let’s just say, I can’t wait until NEXT season!






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