Life After Dance

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Life After Dance

A couple of years ago I had to retire from owning a studio and completely stopped teaching, until a few months ago. After 3 years away from the studio, I went back this year. Now instruct 1 day a week. 

When I closed my studio,  I was physically ill, I had just lost my mother to ovarian cancer and I was diagnosed with the same hereditary BRCA genetic mutation that causes breast and ovarian cancer.

 If you have ever read about the actress, Angelina Jolie and her journey with her preventative surgeries of removing her breast and ovaries, to prevent cancer from developing, this is the same circumstance and threat to my life,  that I face on a daily basis. Leaving the dance studio life was a hard choice, but the best for my health at the time. I needed to keep my stress level down and closing the studio was the best option for me. 

Now, This post is not for debate about Angelina’s decision to go through with the surgeries nor open for discussion on who thinks, What  I “should” do about my diagnosis. It’s a post about what I have been doing since my diagnosis and the life that I’m choosing outside of the dance studio life. The closing of the studio was like a death for me, yet I still want to be involved, by giving back to the dance community and paying it forward. 

I absolutely love the art form of dance. I love the children, the teachers who share their talents and mentor the next generation of dancers.

All of my life, I could never see myself living my life any differently. But God (and/or the Universe) only laughs at our so-called “Plans”.

What I chose to do next was become an online entrepreneur and create a fun dance novelty online shop.  I have trademarked and launched my new company, “Dance Junkie.®”

 So, Let’s get this straight…if you are still in dance and have chosen it as a profession, you ARE the EPITOME of a Dance Junkie! Your die-hard students who spend hours each week under your ‘care' are dance junkies. There is NO other place on earth as magical as the dance studio. Can you at least agree to that?

This brand that I have created is fun and I know it's a little odd. You will either love it or hate it.   It was created to bring a smile to your face and a chuckle in your gut and to pay it forward to other dancers who are facing hardship. It’s a reminder that life is too short...and can we not be so serious all the time? Hence, the collection of dancing sugar skulls who grace some of the t-shirts, phone cases and tote bags with the phrase, “When I go, I’ll go out dancing”. LOL

The Dance Junkie® logo is the representation of our imprint in this world as dancers. Two feet, in demi-pointe, making your mark in this world, no matter how big or small. When you see this logo on another person, you know you are in the presence of another dance lover.

Please take a moment out of your day, to check out my website. I’m still adding to it and I invite any studio or dancer who would be interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Dance Junkie®.  If you are, please reach out to me.  There is also a link on the website for brand ambassadors.  With 2017, around the corner, the next level in this business will need to be met. For now, I’m in the foundational stages for brand ambassadors and model search. 

At this point, I’m only open to USA customers. But will be able to ship internationally soon!

Just click on the link below!

Thanks for reading:)



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