Broken Record

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Broken Record

How to AVOID the Pitfall of Duplicating Music for your Choreography.

The season of competitive dance is coming to a head for some of you. For many studio owners and dancers, you are on road to nationals. For others, you might be holding back and re-evaluating the season, with the intention to re-ignite the creative flame for the new competition season. Where ever you fall on this road map, chances are you are contemplating the next theme and song selection for your group dances or soloist. Choosing the right music is important. 

 As a dance teacher and choreographer, it’s fair to say, you place your heart and soul into your pieces. You, as the creator of these dances, imprint an essence of yourself into your work and have a vision of the end product.  It all starts with an inspiration. Regardless of where you pull your inspiration from, the foundation in which you begin to create your canvas does include the perfect song choice for your masterpiece. A song that is unique, perfect pace with the musical rhythmic changes that spark your creative juices.


One will search high and low for the songs that are original, and pray that when you arrive at the competition, you haven't fallen into the "broken record category". Deep down, hoping no one else has set choreography to the same song, or to top it off, wear the same costume! This scenario happens all too many times and can turn into a nerve-racking experience. Let’s face it, not only do you notice when another studio has the same music, but your dancers and their parents notice, making their remarks, voicing opinions and make comparisons. Then you have the judges, God bless their hearts, who are possibly subjected to the same song, and it is a high probability that this isn’t the first time.

 With all of the songs in the world, it’s hard to imagine that one would choose the same song to create choreography too. Perhaps too many of us enjoy the same music and feel inspired to choreograph to a popular song. It is hard to resist, but you could be placing your work at risk because you go music that is too familiar. 

 So how does one avoid this pitfall?


When searching for music, there are places to consider.  There are local deejays, the underground and indie music community, but still, there is a risk to choosing the same diamond in the rough song. 

So let's pause here, and shed light on where can you turn for quality, customized music. You will be happy to learn there is a service available to dance teachers and it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets to date.

 The service, located on the internet is Fiverr.  Fiverr is a company, offering a cornucopia of services from marketing, graphic design, website development to MUSIC composition, songwriting, and mixing. Yes, you can hire a musician to create your own personal songs to create your dance masterpieces and relieve yourself from the anxiety that someone else has your music. Depending on the song length and time involved with this service, A choreographer has the ability to gain access to music specifically created with little to NO chance of the of being duplicated. Voila!

 One would think that hiring a personal composer would be an investment well over $1000.00, but think again. is a web-based service offering the artist a platform to create anything, and here is the kicker, many project investments begin at $5.00.  Now, Before you eye roll and you pooh pooh your nose at such a price, do know that $5 is a Free Stickerstarting price for such service, and the $5.00 service is usually a simple task for the musician and $5 is ground level. Know that the composers offer a tiered program to create a piece of music where you can own the music rights. As you add on to the list, the cost does rise. This could be an investment of up to $150.00 or more for an original song. You have the ability to contact the artist and ask as many questions as needed before hiring for the gig. Every artist is different and will outline details of their services. 


Fiverr musicians services range from mixing music, creating mashups, adding sound effects or voice overs. Some piece of advice though, know in advance what your end goal and vision is with your song. Choose a musician who can speak your language and be very clear with your corrections. At Dance Junkie® we have worked with a few musicians on Fiverr to create custom jingles and songs for our advertisements.  It has been a wonderful investment of our money and calms our nerves, knowing that our music belongs to us, no one else and we can freely post our content without it being subjected to our post removed due to music licensing.

 So before you chose a regular top 40 hit song for the 40 billionth time, consider choosing a service who you can collaborate with and end up with a customized song. Fiverr just might be the answer!

 Click below to find out how you can create custom music!


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