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How To: Sugar Skull Tutorial

Dance Junkie® presents a collaboration with Beauty in Every Daye on how to do Sugar Skull make up for this Halloween season to complement our very own Sugar Skull Collection!  Check out this Video and take advantage of the 15% discount on your next purchase.  After your purchase you will be a valued VIP customer! Saving up to 35% on all future orders! use code: DAYE15 Click HERE to watch Video!   ANNOUNCEMENT! You have a Dance Story to Share with us? Now is your time to get featured on Dance Junkie! Simply fill out this form here!   [powr-form-builder...

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Men Who Dance: Styles Stokes

Styles Stokes is standing in his power and creating the life best suited for him and living out his passion! Let's here is it for the boys who work towards their passion in a field mostly recognized and populated by women.  If you have a son who dances, you will want to listen in and share this interview!  Click Here! to listen to full length interview on Youtube!      or Soundcloud

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DREAMS FOR SALE - How to avoid rip offs and scams

I’m scrolling thru my facebook feed and read a post from my son’s acting coach. She referred to a young man who got swindled out of $10,000, paid to a talent agency. He fell hook, line and sinker for entertainment industry trick. He was lured into attending a convention that would put him in front of the industry leaders and now he is out of hard earned money and ends up empty handed with NO gigs! I told her, “You need to write an article about this! Too many people get taken advantage of.”  She directed me to your website. ...

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How to Become a Dancer for a Major League Sports Team

  Interview with John Kemper, current dance studio owner of Kemper Dance in Deland, Florida and judge for the Orlando Magic dance team. Follow Kemper Dance on Facebook at *How to become a dancer for a sports team *The difference between commercial audition, contemporary or college dance audition *The importance of Audition preparation *Social media could hinder your audition if you aren't careful *Networking with other dancers *Health & Body At the Barre sponsored by Dance Junkie®.  *NBA Orlando Magic Audition Details  Get your FREE #DanceJunkie Sticker here!

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Broken Record

How to AVOID the Pitfall of Duplicating Music for your Choreography. The season of competitive dance is coming to a head for some of you. For many studio owners and dancers, you are on road to nationals. For others, you might be holding back and re-evaluating the season, with the intention to re-ignite the creative flame for the new competition season. Where ever you fall on this road map, chances are you are contemplating the next theme and song selection for your group dances or soloist. Choosing the right music is important.   As a dance teacher and choreographer, it’s fair...

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