Why is India’s best dancing cactus so much better than Brazil’s?

In Brazil, dancing cacti can sell for upwards of $20,000.Here in India, the cost of a single cactus is around $100.“I always felt that there were no cactuses in Brazil,” said Vijay Kumar, a yoga teacher and entrepreneur who was instrumental in starting the Cactus Community in Brazil.“The people were all in a trance.They didn’t want to spend the money […]

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Dancing with myself – the video diary of a zumba dancer

The video diary, written and filmed by one of Ireland’s most prominent zumbas, has been watched by a quarter of a million people.In this video diary you’ll hear how I’ve been training for the zumbajamba and have a lot to say about my dancing career and my thoughts on music.You’ll also see how I learned to dance, how I have […]

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How to be a better pole dancer

The pole dancing is one of those skills that you can teach a child to do but that is often overlooked.This is because of the difficulty of performing the move in front of a crowd, and also because of how difficult it is to perform in public, said Kelli D’Alessandro, an instructor at St. Luke’s Health Sciences Center.The reason for […]

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