How Trump and his family allegedly stole a stolen dance performance from a New York City public school

A New York school district is claiming it is “shocked and outraged” after the school’s principal allegedly “engaged in a bizarre and bizarre” sexual encounter with a dancer.In a statement released Tuesday, the Manhattan School District said principal Michael Rielly was “in the middle of a performance” with a student, who was “a member of the school community.”The school district […]

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‘Indians’ take a swipe at Indian dance music – RTE

INDIANS, NEW YORK (Reuters) – Indians and New Yorkers alike were celebrating New Year’s Eve with dancing, boozy festivities and a new, new song from a New York-based hip-hop artist.However, there was a twist: Indians and Americans were doing it in the middle of a major Indian festival, which was also happening on the eve of a new year.New Year’s […]

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