How to Dance to the Last Dance in a Rainstorm

You may not want to wear a raincoat and go out with friends in the rain, but if you’re lucky, there’s a good chance you’ll be dancing in a rainstorm on the beach.But how do you get out in the water, or even the rain?Here are our tips for dancing in rain.1.Get out of the water Take a walk in […]

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How to be a great dancer in India: Tips for every dance style

The Indian love affair with dance is vast, with dance routines being performed in more than 100 languages across the country.Many of these routines are unique to their particular regions, but many others are universal, and they can be practiced in almost any location.These tips for the best ways to practice dance in India include: Avoid the “trick” of looking […]

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How to dance like a Chika Dance Source Google News

Dance is one of the many arts and crafts that have evolved over time.Today, a variety of dance styles and styles of music have emerged from the world of dance to create an amazing array of sounds and emotions.Here are five of our favorite dance styles.1.The Chika The Chikas dance is a slow, graceful, and rhythmic dance that uses the […]

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