Danco’s Danco joins The CW’s Dancing With the Stars as a spin-off

Danco has officially joined The CW Dance With the Dragons as a new spin-offs series, Deadline reports.Danco and his team of dancers have already had their spin-on on Dancing With The Stars, but it will be a different take on the show.While the original Dancing With Stars cast had its own spin-On, Danco will be in charge of bringing the […]

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Microsoft says it’s doubling down on the Windows 10 dancing game with a dance game that’s all about dancing.

TechCrunch article Microsoft has announced a new dancing game for the Xbox One called Dance Mania.The title will be free to download to players of the Xbox platform.Dance Mania, which was previously available on iOS, will come to the Xbox 360 in September, Microsoft said.In addition to the dancing game, Microsoft also announced two new additions to the Dance Mania […]

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The Last Dance, 80s Dance Songs,Last Dance espn

In the early 90s, Irish folk artist Jimmy Webb, who’d released his own version of the song “Crazy For You” at the height of his popularity, released a live version of it for the MTV Music Awards, which had just aired.In his rendition, the band performed with a choir, but the lyrics were sung by Jimmy himself.The song quickly caught […]

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