How to dress up as a clown on a netflix show

A mother who spent her last dance topless in a net-flix costume is having to hide her identity online.Theresa Stoltenberg posted a video of herself dancing on the floor topless, wearing a clown mask and dancing to her favourite song, ‘Tear It Up’.“I just want to say that I feel so lucky to have such a positive life.It’s a privilege […]

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How to dance in 12 Dancing Princesses (Kendall, Aneurin, Annette, Lucy, and Astrid)

DANCE LEOTARDS: It’s easy to dance a number of characters in Disney XD’s new animated series “Dancing Princesses.”Here are some tips to make it easy.1.Be prepared.There’s no need to get all crazy about choreography, and the show has already inspired hundreds of dance tutorials from the stars of the show, including Kendall Jenner, Anette Thorpe, Lucy Lawless, Lucy Ricardo, and […]

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