When Hula Dancers Get a ‘Loyalty Card’: Hula dance’s ‘loyalty card’ may be worth $250,000

A woman’s dancing is a privilege, and it doesn’t always come at the cost of a paycheck, the dance industry is telling the women who earn a living from the arts.The women of the Hula Dance Union (HDCU) in New York are being told to pay $250 to $350 for the loyalty card that lets them take part in the […]

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How to DJ at The Disco: How to make your own dance party

A DJ needs to know a few dance moves, and that includes breaking down a song into its components.The dance floor is a big part of the equation, and if you can’t make your tunes sing, the audience won’t want to hear your next dance.But, if you’ve never been to a dance party, or if you have an interest in […]

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