How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve without Dancing: The Art of Being Happy

The first step in celebrating New Year is to be happy.I know.I’m a social media junkie and a total masochist, so when I find myself wishing I were on top of a hill instead of in a bathtub, I feel a lot better.So here are some tips for celebrating New Years Eve without dancing: 1.Get up early.The morning of the […]

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How to make the best african dance party

The first thing to know about African dance parties is that you’re probably not a hipster.It’s actually a genre that’s been around for a while.There’s dance parties that feature hipsters dancing to hip-hop, hipsters in the street, hipster bars and clubs, and it’s also popular in the States, where hipsters can go for dance parties with hipsters.However, it’s a hard […]

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