Can Dance, Dancers, and Dolly: ‘It’s a lot to do, and there’s so much love, but we still got to have fun!’

Can Dance is a dance class that’s held every Friday night at the Dolly’s in South L.A. The dance classes offer a dance, a dance party, a live performance and a full range of classes.The first class was held on March 10, 2016, but it was canceled after a student died in a car accident. Last month, it was announced that […]

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Maddie Dance Mom: I can’t be the only one who feels the pain of her mom’s death

The death of Maddie Dancers Mom (Dakota) is one of the darkest stories in the world.I feel like I am in a bubble right now with so many people in my life and so much pain, sadness and anger towards it.I want to share my story so that we can all understand and help each other through the pain.I remember […]

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‘Indians’ take a swipe at Indian dance music – RTE

INDIANS, NEW YORK (Reuters) – Indians and New Yorkers alike were celebrating New Year’s Eve with dancing, boozy festivities and a new, new song from a New York-based hip-hop artist.However, there was a twist: Indians and Americans were doing it in the middle of a major Indian festival, which was also happening on the eve of a new year.New Year’s […]

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