How to wear the best dance clothes in Australia

Here’s how to choose the best Dance clothes in the country.The top dance shoes are a must for all dancers.They’re often expensive, and can make you look like you’re having a hard time keeping your balance, but they’re also versatile and make dancing easier.If you’re a dancer, you can always try on a pair of your favourite dance shoes, but […]

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Naked Girls Dancing, Dancers & Cosplay – #CrazyDance meme

The #CraziestDance #CSA meme is a hashtag trending on Twitter that features naked women dancing to music, dressed in outfits and sporting their favorite outfits.It has been retweeted over 6.6 million times.It is a response to a viral photo of a group of naked women in a group photo posing for a selfie with a naked man in the street […]

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How the world got lost in the dance meme story

The world’s first dance meme was born in the early 2000s, and it had everything.It was a dance craze that would spread across the world.People could share videos of themselves dancing to catchy music.In some places, they were performing their own choreographed dance moves on a public stage.People were getting tattoos, taking up space, or even having their faces painted […]

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