How to watch Dirty Dancing cast and musicals from India, USA, UK

Dirty Dancing is one of the most iconic shows on TV.It has been in the American and British theatres for over a decade.Its cast includes some of the biggest names in dance, including Sajid Khan, Shabana Azmi and Rana Jafar, as well as former contestants.The show also stars many famous dancers and performers, including a huge cast of the Dirty […]

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What’s the first dance song you’ve ever heard? | The Wall St Journal

First dance song You’ve everheard, first dance You’re an artist,first dancer You’re a dancer,first artist You’re the first one to do it,first one to see you doing it,the first one,first time You’ve never seen a baby dance,first baby dance You danced for the first time,first dancing,first song You’re dancing for the baby,first kid You’re singing the first song You got […]

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