How to Dance to the Last Dance in a Rainstorm

You may not want to wear a raincoat and go out with friends in the rain, but if you’re lucky, there’s a good chance you’ll be dancing in a rainstorm on the beach.But how do you get out in the water, or even the rain?Here are our tips for dancing in rain.1.Get out of the water Take a walk in […]

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How to DJ Dirty Dancing (90s) playlist

This playlist is part of our ongoing effort to bring you the best new music from the 90s and beyond.You can find all of the top DJs on the dance floor, from classic to contemporary, and some truly great house, techno, and drum & bass tunes.The best DJs on this playlist are often hidden away behind a big label.And we’re […]

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How to Get Dared to Dance: Daring to Dance GIFs

Daring To Dance is the new meme.The term is coined by The Daily Dot, which has been dubbing the trend “dancing church” since October.The hashtag has become so popular that the Daily Dot recently had to delete it after people used it to promote their own videos.But now, a new group is using the term to promote its own dance […]

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