Sophia Dance Mom and Chainsaw Man Dance GIFs

A video has emerged of Sophia Dance Mama and Chainsaws Man dancing with each other in a scene from the upcoming Sophia Dance film, which is scheduled for release in the UK on July 27.The clip shows the couple dancing in a restaurant, where Sophia dances with Chainsaw in a full-body outfit and Chainsawed mans the scene.The scene was first […]

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‘Til I Die’ by Kelly Clarkson, ‘It Takes A Village’ by Ellie Goulding: Watch here

I’ll be back for more dance belt gifs, because the dance belt is still here, and it’s all in the form of GIFs.But first, a few things.If you missed the last two GIFs from my dance belt collection, here’s a quick recap.In the first, Ellie Gouldings dance from her new album, The Hunting Ground, is accompanied by the iconic dance […]

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