How to DJ at The Disco: How to make your own dance party

A DJ needs to know a few dance moves, and that includes breaking down a song into its components.The dance floor is a big part of the equation, and if you can’t make your tunes sing, the audience won’t want to hear your next dance.But, if you’ve never been to a dance party, or if you have an interest in […]

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What’s the first dance song you’ve ever heard? | The Wall St Journal

First dance song You’ve everheard, first dance You’re an artist,first dancer You’re a dancer,first artist You’re the first one to do it,first one to see you doing it,the first one,first time You’ve never seen a baby dance,first baby dance You danced for the first time,first dancing,first song You’re dancing for the baby,first kid You’re singing the first song You got […]

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