How to Dance Like a Coffin

Last Dance is here!Here’s everything you need to know to get ready to dance like a coffin, from getting comfortable to taking it to the top of the charts.#LastDance #DanceWithDevin Last Dance Dance With Devin is a comedy series created by Devin Sosa and hosted by Devin and the crew of Last Dance.The show is a weekly series, where the […]

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How to DJ Dirty Dancing (90s) playlist

This playlist is part of our ongoing effort to bring you the best new music from the 90s and beyond.You can find all of the top DJs on the dance floor, from classic to contemporary, and some truly great house, techno, and drum & bass tunes.The best DJs on this playlist are often hidden away behind a big label.And we’re […]

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A dance video of a crab on a beach

Posted November 05, 2019 08:29:30A new video of crab dancing in the surf has gone viral online after being shared on Instagram by a couple in Melbourne.The video, uploaded to the Instagram account of Melbourne’s School DanceCast, shows a crab performing an intricate dance as it swings on the beach.“I love crab dancing,” the caption reads.“This is my favorite.”The crab […]

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