Which Australian dance troupe is the most popular?

Dirty Dancing 2017 was the most watched live dance show of the year, with a total audience of 18.6 million people watching on TV and radio.It was also the most-watched TV show of 2018.It aired on Sunday night (October 17), the day before the start of the Burlesque Festival, which has been running since 2010.The show was hosted by former […]

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Burlesque dancers say their bosses threaten to fire them after protests

A burlesquing dancer in Florida is alleging her bosses at a local burlesq club threatened to fire her after she staged a protest at the club.In a Facebook post, Jasmine McBride said her boss asked her to leave the show because she had been disruptive and she was “unprofessional.”McBride, 23, told ABC News she and other dancers were protesting the […]

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