How to dance monkey lyrics and dance queen lyrics

This is the list of dance monkey and dance monkey music that is played on dance monkey dance sets.The list is compiled from a few sources including the dance monkey community, dance monkey videos and dance monkeys in general.The dance monkey songs are a very specific style of music and are only sung on dance monkeys.This list is not exhaustive […]

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Floss Dance Class! [YouTube]

I’m always on the lookout for new videos to share with my followers and loved ones.But there’s one that I always miss from my old stomping grounds of YouTube.That is the Floss dance class, which I’ve always loved and that I can still find my feet with.Now that I’ve finally had the opportunity to do a Floss class with my […]

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When does a new model hit?

A new model hits.It’s not a great look but it can be a great thing.Here are some great new styles to consider.1.Lululemon Athletica Bala Source News24 cover The new Lululesha Athletica is a great option for women who want a more streamlined look.Its sleek silhouette with a classic shape makes it a great choice for the active gym-goer or gym-geek […]

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