If you haven’t heard from Apple since July, then you might be missing out.

On Tuesday, the Cupertino, California-based company announced that it’s shutting down all its streaming services, including Beats Music and Beats Music Plus, and shutting down its digital store, Beats Music Unlimited.

The company also announced it was rolling out a new digital-only streaming service called Beats Music Direct, which will feature all of the original albums that were released during the Apple Music era.

In short, the streaming service is shutting down.

Apple Music, the service that brought the music industry into the 21st century, is not being shut down.

In fact, Apple has said that it wants to keep offering content that people love and is willing to pay for.

The announcement is the first sign that Apple is going after music with a new strategy.

Apple was the first company to start streaming music on its iPhones.

The move to streaming has been a big success for Apple.

According to data from Nielsen, Apple Music has nearly 50 million paid subscribers, which means that its service has been able to drive some big growth.

The company has also said that Apple Music Direct is going to be a better streaming experience for users.

Apple also said in a statement that the service will feature more music from artists that have been releasing their music over the past year.

The news is good news for Apple Music subscribers, who were hoping that the streaming subscription service would be more stable.

Apple’s subscription service, which is offered for $9.99 per month, is now worth about $60,000.

Beats Music, which started out as a subscription service that paid $9 per month to subscribers, has since expanded to pay-per-stream subscription models.

The service now costs $19.99.

The streaming service, meanwhile, is one of the few options for people who want to listen to music for free on a daily basis.

Beats is still one of only three streaming services that pay $9 for a subscription.

It is also one of three streaming-only services that don’t pay for a single album.

As a streaming service with limited albums, Beats is also a great option for people without any music in their home, as it’s a free service with a number of tracks.

It also offers a lot of free songs that people can listen to without paying.

It’s possible that the company’s streaming strategy is a reaction to the popularity of Spotify, the company that launched in 2012.

Spotify is known for offering users free access to the music of the artists they like, while also giving them access to some of the best music in the world.

The subscription service has had an extremely successful launch and has had more than 6 million paid users in the past few months.

The new Beats Music plan will come with no ads and will be a “premium-only service,” according to Apple’s statement.

The Beats Music service will also feature exclusive Beats Music videos and curated music.

It will be available for $3 per month with ads, and $7 per month without ads.

It’ll be available to anyone who has an Apple TV streaming device.

Beats will also have an “iPhone-only” version of the service, according to the company.

Apple Music is one option for artists and bands who want more control over their music and don’t want to have to worry about ad revenue.

For example, Katy Perry, who released her self-titled album in 2016, opted out of paying for ad-free content when it came to Spotify.

The singer has since started paying for ads, but she still makes $30 per album.

If you want to stream music for yourself, Beats also has a Beats Music Premium service that includes unlimited downloads, free trials and access to Beats Music’s Beats Music App, which lets users listen to and download music from the service’s catalog of over 30,000 artists and artists who have collaborated with the company in the last two years.

The service is free, and you’ll have to pay $4.99 for it, per month.

The fee is $1.99 each month for each song, but you can opt to buy a $9-per to $49-per subscription.

The only thing missing is a physical physical product.

The Beats Music subscription will not come with a physical Apple TV.

That’s because Apple Music is an app, not a physical product, and the app doesn’t require a physical device.

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