Cathy DanceMom, a dance mom from Atlanta, has spent more than 20 years honing her craft.

But the one thing that always draws her to the stage is her husband, Todd.

They have a beautiful daughter named Mandy, and they have four kids.

Todd is the oldest of the four, and he lives in Dallas, so he’s always looking forward to visiting the country.

But they’re always thinking about the next dance mom.

“I always think of my daughter and how we want her to look,” Todd said.

“You know, like she’s not just a doll.

I want her like a real girl.”

In 2007, Cathy moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and started her own dance studio, the Todd Dance Theater.

It’s the perfect place for her, she said.

It has beautiful, contemporary lighting and a stage that looks like it’s right out of a modern Broadway musical.

She’s able to keep up with her audience and be a part of the community she loves.

And when her kids are older, she’s the one who’ll be in charge of them.

“We have a very large family and we just really have to look out for each other,” she said of her daughter’s dance company.

“Todd is the main person in our life and we’re just trying to make sure that she’s comfortable with the fact that she can be her own person, and be her mom.”

She also says that she’ll always have her favorite dance routine.

“Sometimes I will start off the show and just keep going, and then I’ll look at my son and say, ‘Mommy, are you ready to do that?'”

Cathy DanceMoms is on Instagram: @cathandredamos.

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