S.p.D.: A collection of rare and beautiful photos taken during the war in the Balkans, in which the S.I.M.S. soldiers of the 1st Battaloni Brigade take part in an operation.

The photographer of this photo is Francesco Carretto.

The collection of images was taken in the 1940s by one of the most distinguished photojournalists of his generation, Carlo Carretti, a master of photography who worked in the field of military photography in Italy during World War II. 

S.P., like many of the photos, is a collection of the best of images taken during World Wars I and II.

The photographs show the heroic work of the troops of the SS, who are described in detail. 

The photos were taken in 1941. 

In the photos the soldiers are dressed in a uniform of their own design, but this was not their usual attire. 

On a nearby hilltop, they pose with a bayonet, a spear and a knife, with their arms in the air. 

There are also several pictures of a soldier who is clearly a Nazi, with his face and hands crossed. 

Carretto, who lived in Rome, was the director of the photography school of the Sollicitudes Spoleto and was a close friend of Italian photographer Giorgio Veronese. 

“A new book of images from the archives of the Institutio di Photographica di Sollimenti (ISPS), the Sommese di Tronaco, is now available, thanks to the generosity of Francesco.

It has been produced by the Instituto di Photographia di Sommaso (Instituto di Photoografia), the Italian Institute of Photographers, and the Sess.

P.D.- Sommes D’Antonio,” it said. 

For a long time, S.D., in addition to being a military photographer, was also a writer.

He wrote about the wars, including a book about the battles of the Somme in 1943 and 1944, which he published in 1960. 

After he passed away in 2012, Carretta’s wife, Elena, took up the mantle of the project. 

She founded the institution in 2013, with the aim of collecting, preserving and sharing the images of the war and the suffering of the soldiers and civilians. 

With the help of the Italian Government and other institutions, she has acquired over 700 of the pictures, which will be housed at the Sonderzug Library in Florence. 

Today, the photos can be viewed online in Italian, German, Spanish and French, as well as on Sommessi.it.

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