(CBSDC) A popular dance song was used as a weapon in a horrific dance party killing last month in a Virginia town.CBS News is following up on a report that an unidentified man is accused of stabbing an unidentified woman to death with a chainsaw in the town of Prince William County.

According to a police report obtained by CBS affiliate WRIC, an unidentified 23-year-old man stabbed the victim to death after she was allegedly trying to break up a dance party in her car.

The victim’s father was a resident of the community and was also a member of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women.

The police report said that the suspect’s father drove to the scene on Feb. 14.

When he arrived, police found the victim in a parking lot of the Prince William Regional Medical Center.

According the police report, the victim had been stabbed multiple times in the head, neck, torso and back.

She was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead.

Investigators say they are not releasing the names of the man or woman because of their age.

The incident is under investigation by the Prince George’s County Police Department.

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