A dad has created a simple yet beautiful way to take your mum’s naked dance moves and share them with the world.

DanceMom’s dance instructor, Hannah Pang, told the ABC she first discovered the trend on Instagram when her daughter, Emily, was 11.

“It’s such a lovely way to capture her, so cute and adorable,” she said.

Emily, now 10, loves dancing and dancing to music.

“She’s so happy, so full of energy,” Ms Pang said.

“It really helps to get people talking about dance.”

Dancemom’s dance teacher, Hannah Rainsford, says a mum can have a ‘lively’ and ‘friendly’ day with her daughter after a dance class.

She said the idea came to her after her daughter invited a friend over for a birthday party, but her mum didn’t want to be the one to celebrate.

A friend suggested Ms Pangs daughter could try her hand at dancing naked and Ms Rainsfield said it was a great way to get a closer look at the mum and her daughter.

“I was like ‘Oh yeah, I’m a mum and I love it,'” she said, adding the idea was to get the mum talking.

“That’s what I did and I started chatting to her and she was like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to see how it turns out!'”

Ms Pangs first lesson was with her own daughter at the age of eight, and she continued to use her daughter’s body as inspiration when teaching her how to dance.

‘Lively and friendly’DanceMoms mum Hannah Rainford is keen to share her daughter Emily’s dance moves on Instagram.

Ms Rainsfernd said her daughter was keen to get to know the choreography of the moves.

Her mother’s Instagram account is filled with photos of Emily and other family members and friends.

Dancing moms have been encouraged to start their own private Facebook pages.

“If you want to start a Facebook page for yourself and you want other people to see your Instagram or Facebook page, then that’s a great thing to do,” Ms Rainfernd, from Canberra, said.

But she warned parents to be careful when sharing pictures of their dancing or their mum’s, saying it could be viewed as sexual.

“The way it goes around is that when you share it on Instagram, it’s like an open invitation,” she told the BBC.

“So if you share something like, like, dancing to your mum, you’re not just sharing your own body, you’ve also shared a lot of personal information, so that’s not a good thing.”

Ms Rainffors mother is also keen to encourage young girls to learn how to be a dancer.

It was through her daughter that she discovered the word “dance” and she started teaching Emily to be more confident and more open to the world around her.

“Her dance is so different from mine, it comes from different cultures, so she’s so different, and it’s very difficult to be able to talk to her, be honest with her,” Ms Farrings said.’

It’s really a lovely thing to share’DancingMom’s Hannah Pangs is keen for her mum’s Instagram followers to share their own personal dance routines.

But she said a mum’s role as a dancer was essential, especially during her daughters birthday celebrations.

“‘Happy Birthday Mum’ and all those things are great, but the real fun is when your mum has her own dance routine and she’s dancing around her house and everybody else is just dancing around the house.

Then everyone’s dancing.”

Then you can just sit back and enjoy it, because you know that’s the real dance and you don’t have to be in a room with other people and you can do it all on your own.

“”She has her whole life to be happy, and her dance is her life, and everyone’s happy with it, so why not share it?

“Ms Rainerffors advice was echoed by Emily’s mum.

Hannah Pangs, who is a mum herself, said the ‘lazy mum’ attitude is detrimental to a young woman’s wellbeing.

In an interview with ABC Radio Canberra, she said she is concerned the lazy mum attitude will continue to be used against young women.

I’m not a lazy mum, she added.

The ABC asked Ms Rainedfernd if she had any advice for parents looking to share a dance routine with their kids.”

No, I’ve not been listening to any of those,” she replied.”

We all have different ways of sharing and you know, I think it’s just a lovely, warm thing to be doing.

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