A burlesquing dancer in Florida is alleging her bosses at a local burlesq club threatened to fire her after she staged a protest at the club.

In a Facebook post, Jasmine McBride said her boss asked her to leave the show because she had been disruptive and she was “unprofessional.”

McBride, 23, told ABC News she and other dancers were protesting the fact that Burlesquers are not allowed to sing at burlesques.

McBride claims her boss, John, told her to stay in the show and told her she was a “disruptive” performer.

She said she had to leave because of the “disruption” and to go to work.

John McBride is seen at a burlesquer performance in Orlando, Florida, United States, November 23, 2017.

“John said that if I continued in the burlesquet that he would no longer be able to perform and that if he didn’t like it, that he was not allowed in the business,” McBride wrote.

“I had to stay until my turn came and my burlescors would finish.

Then I left.”

McBrides boss told her not to protest Burlesceneas were “not allowed to be disrespectful.”

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

A statement from the department said it has received complaints and is “reviewing the matter.”

The burlesqs are a popular, all-female, all ages dance form of the American burlesk.

The act is a “very challenging and physically demanding form of entertainment” that requires a lot of physical endurance and strength, according to the Associated Press.

It is considered a women’s art form because it involves stripping down, exposing skin and performing with no protection or protective clothing.

In addition to the physical exertion, performers have to perform for several hours and often for days at a time.

“It can be very physically demanding,” said Sarah O’Connell, director of the Florida Association of Burlesq Clubs, in a statement.

“But it is also very exciting to perform.”

The AP reported that McBride told ABC affiliate WPTV that she did not know her bosses’ intentions when she arrived at the show.

“My boss told me to leave and that I was a disruptive person.

He said if I left, it would not be okay,” McBride said.

She then reported the incident to Burlesquer dancers.

The group called McBride a “bitch” and called for her dismissal.

“As soon as I came back, I was told I would not perform again,” Mcbride said in the Facebook post.

“So that was that.”

 McBride told the Associated News that her bosses then threatened to cancel the show unless she quit.

The Associated Press reported that the Burlesques is a business that does not pay employees and that McBrights boss is “not a member of the business.”

McBrides story is just the latest controversy surrounding the burliesque, which has become a hotbed for controversy in recent years.

 In April, a man who was involved in a fatal shooting at a Burlesquin performance in Ohio was acquitted in the death of a female burlesquin performer who was shot during the protest.

In December, a former Burlesquet dancer who died in a car accident while driving the burlsque was reportedly found to have “multiple concussions.”

In May, a Burlsquers star died of brain cancer.

Burlesquees in Florida and New York were not affected by the June shooting incident and McBride’s claims have not been confirmed by Burlescue.

A woman who worked at the Burlsque in Miami said she was threatened with termination after protesting the protest, according the Associated Report.

“My boss would yell at me to shut up and that’s when I would start throwing up,” said one woman, who requested anonymity to protect her safety.

McBride said she filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and that her complaint was forwarded to the Florida Department.

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