The new Dance Dance Revolution album is the first full-length album by DFA since their 2009 debut album The Dance Dance Generation.

That was the band’s first full release, which was recorded in their home studio in San Francisco, California.

The band was able to capture a huge amount of emotion from their first two releases on the road, but they’re aiming to do it again with the new album.

It’s the first time DFA has recorded a full-fledged album in a decade, and it’s the band they’re going to be playing live.DFA have been touring extensively since the end of 2014, and the group have toured extensively in 2016 and 2017.

They’ve been performing for fans at festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, as well as the likes of Bonnaroo and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Now that they’ve had time to recharge and re-energize after their hiatus, we asked DFA’s drummer David Boggs how they plan to celebrate the new record with fans, and he shared some of the band members thoughts on what it’s like to play a live show again.

“The first thing I want to do is play an intimate show, where we can show our fans how excited we are for this album, because I think it’s a huge milestone in our career, in terms of playing new songs and new sounds,” Bogg, who is a native New Yorker, told Polygon.

“That was probably the hardest thing to do, because we’re on tour and people are always asking for our records.

So, it was tough to do that because we were doing it for the fans, to show them we can play music again, to be able to show people we’re still alive and in the moment.

It felt good to play with our fans, but we’re so grateful to all of them that we’re back on the scene again, so we can go out there and have fun.”

Boggs explained how DFA will be able perform the new “The Dance Dance Genes” album on tour, while also playing new music live: “I’m a big fan of live shows, especially in the past, so I want us to do the most live music we possibly can.

So we’re doing a lot of live music.

And we’re going out on tour with the album.

We’re going into different cities, doing shows, doing festivals, so it’s all different types of music that we can do.

And then we’re gonna play our new music.

We’ll probably be on a few different tour dates.

It’ll be a couple of weeks before we can get it out on the record, but I think we’re getting close.”DFA has played a live album for fans before, but this is their first time playing a complete set of songs live.

“It’s a really, really special record,” Buggs said.

“I don’t think that we’ve ever done anything like that.

This is probably the most emotional album that we have ever done, because it’s one of the last records that I really had a passion for, and so I wanted to play the most emotion that I possibly could.

I’ve been a fan of the DFA music since they first came out on a record called The Dance Genas.

I have the best respect for their music and I know how they’re feeling, and I feel the same way.”

Daft Punk fans can expect to see the band on tour for a while.

“We’re going up to New York, and we’re just gonna play a couple shows in the fall, and then we have a little bit of time to sort of recharge and get in the groove with the band,” Baggs said, before adding that the band is in a “really good place right now.”

“I think we’ve been playing a lot, but for this record, we really wanted to show the fans a lot more,” he continued.

“For us, this is the last album that I recorded, and for the first couple of years, we had a really small amount of music, so you know, the first few songs, we were just recording the first two songs, but after the first album, we started to get into the groove.

It feels like it’s finally here.

It makes me really happy, just knowing that it’s been such a long time, and now it’s time to come out with some new music, and that we still have a lot to do.

We have a new job, we have new kids, so now is the time to get back on stage and do what we love and be a part of our fans again. “

And also, it’s kind of like the next chapter in our lives.

We have a new job, we have new kids, so now is the time to get back on stage and do what we love and be a part of our fans again.

So I think that it makes me even more excited to play it again.”

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