STOCKHOLM — The “Just Dancing” song “Just Do It” has been taken off YouTube and a group of young dance moms are suing for copyright infringement, claiming the song has been ripped off by dance choreographers who use stolen dance melodies.

According to TMZ, the video for the song by Stolen Dancing Moms was taken down last week after being flagged by a copyright enforcement agency.

The group claims the choreographers used stolen dance tunes and lyrics from dance moms like Dariel Nettles, who is a dancer and choreographer at the Muppets on Broadway.

The lawsuit alleges the choreographer used the song for a YouTube video in 2014 titled “Just DO IT,” in which she choreographed choreographed dances and performed the same choreography over and over again.

The choreographer’s music was taken from a song called “Just Be You,” by dance rapper and producer T.I.

In an email to The Associated Press, Stolen Dancer said it is a “legitimate parody of a copyrighted dance song and it is clear that she used the copyright holder’s music without permission and that her music was illegally used without permission by the song’s copyright holder.”

The group’s lawyer, Soren Flemming, said he would be filing an official lawsuit against the copyright violators.

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