Can Dance is a dance class that’s held every Friday night at the Dolly’s in South L.A. The dance classes offer a dance, a dance party, a live performance and a full range of classes.

The first class was held on March 10, 2016, but it was canceled after a student died in a car accident. 

Last month, it was announced that a second class would be held on April 10, but was canceled again.

There were a total of nine dances that were performed on the first two days of classes, and that number increased to 14 on the third day.

On April 10th, students performed a dance routine that was performed by the band Can Dance.

The second class was also a big hit.

According to Can Dance Facebook page, the second class had over 9,000 Facebook fans.

The second class lasted about 45 minutes and featured dance performances from dancers from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

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