In the early 90s, Irish folk artist Jimmy Webb, who’d released his own version of the song “Crazy For You” at the height of his popularity, released a live version of it for the MTV Music Awards, which had just aired.

In his rendition, the band performed with a choir, but the lyrics were sung by Jimmy himself.

The song quickly caught on with other artists and became a staple of dance music in the UK, as well as being used in a number of other music videos, such as the recent cover of the pop singer Ariana Grande’s “We Can’t Stop.”

(The video was also used as the backdrop for the hit song “Boys Club.”)

It’s easy to forget how long the song has been a staple in popular music.

It is a song that has been covered by countless artists, from the late, great Bob Dylan to the current singer of pop-rock band Blink-182, Taylor Swift.

It’s even been featured on a number a hip-hop videos, including those of Drake and Future.

But it wasn’t until last year that the song became the subject of a video game.

It all began with an idea for a video that would highlight some of the songs from the 1980s, including “Crazys Last Dance.”

It was the idea for an arcade game where you could beat the music from the song and see if you could get to the end of the level in the fastest time.

But that idea was rejected, so Webb went ahead and made a video.

It was a collaboration between the songwriter and a team of video game programmers who designed and programmed the game to look exactly like Jimmy Webb’s version.

It included a “tragic ending” and the words “C.O.O., or Crazy For You,” as well the words, “In my last dance.”

That’s when the game, Last Dance for the NES, became a phenomenon.

The video game is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, with the game’s creators admitting that they never expected the game would take off the way it did.

Webb and his band have continued to perform his original song, but it’s now been remastered in a brand-new way to include more of the original words and the melody.

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