A pole dance instructor in New York City says the art has a place in the home but is best practised in a space with a low floor and an open window.

‘It’s not something you’re really going to get to do in a backyard,’ said the instructor, who asked not to be identified.

‘I think it’s important that you stay on the ground and really feel the movements.

‘You can really be very comfortable, because it’s not really a choreographed thing.’

Ms McIlhenny says she started teaching in her apartment in 2015.

She is not sure what the best location is, but said she wanted a room that could be accessed by a ladder and a walkway.

‘There is a place for a little bit of pole dancing, but if you’re in the middle of the city or in the suburbs, I wouldn’t recommend it,’ she said.

‘The main thing is to be comfortable and comfortable and have the tools you need.

‘But it’s a really important thing.

You have to be able to control the movement, and I think if you don’t, you’re just going to end up looking like a fool.

‘People are so used to doing it by the front door and that’s the last place you want to be.’

In New York, the pole dance is one of the oldest and most popular forms of community entertainment, with around 1.3 million people performing in the city’s streets in 2015-16.

Ms McIllhenny said her students would have been fine in a more traditional style of dancing, with a wooden platform and traditional dancing mats.

But, she said, pole dancing in the homes of New Yorkers was not considered acceptable, and pole dancing classes would be banned in the next few months.

‘We need to make sure that people are comfortable with it,’ Ms McEllhinny said.

‘They don’t have to do it in a house, they don’t even have to get their own room.’

If you want a little extra flexibility, I would suggest you do it on a balcony or something like that.’

But if you want pole dancing to be something you can do in the living room or on the balcony, I think you need to really be in a place where you feel comfortable.’

A pole dance course is held at the local dance school, the New York School of Performing Arts (NYPSA), where students perform at a pole dancing school in New Jersey in 2015 (AFP) Students perform a pole dance during a pole school class in New Brunswick, New Jersey (AFP/File)

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