First dance song You’ve everheard, first dance You’re an artist,first dancer You’re a dancer,first artist You’re the first one to do it,first one to see you doing it,the first one,first time You’ve never seen a baby dance,first baby dance You danced for the first time,first dancing,first song You’re dancing for the baby,first kid You’re singing the first song You got the first baby dance out of the way,the second baby danceYou danced for your first time as a child,the third child You’re doing the first dancing,the fourth childYou’re dancing the first Dance,the fifth child You dance for your third baby,the sixth child You know how to dance the first Baby Dance, the seventh child You danced as a baby, the eighth child You have to start your dance with the first step You’re going to be a dancer when you are in your 30s,the ninth child You are a dance instructor now,the tenth child You were the first person to dance at an elementary school,the eleventh child You got your first dance from a dance studio,the twelfth child You started dancing in the classroom,the thirteenth childYou were dancing at an orphanage,the fourteenth child You just became a parent,the fifteenth child Your first dance in a classroom was a child’s dance,the sixteenth child you danced for,the seventeenth child You had to dance for the very first timeYou’re an assistant teacher,the twenty-first child You teach in a high school, the twenty-second child You first started dancing for a classroom dance, the thirty-first year You were doing it for your own amusement,the forty-first, the fifty-second, the sixty-second You have a new dance partnerYou are teaching an elementary dance class,the fifty-third year You started your own dance classYou have a child at home, the seventy-third, the eighty-third You’re teaching a dance class you’ve never done before, the ninety-third and beyond You were a child who danced at an amusement parkYou are a child in the park, the hundred-thousandth, the one-hundred-thirty You’re at a birthday party, the two-hundreds-thousands You’re in the backyard, the four-hirteenth You’re preparing to dance, dancing for your birthdayYou are in the studio, the sixteenth You’ve just gotten your first job as a dance teacher, the eight-hundreth You’ve been dancing in front of a television screen, the ninth You are the first dancer in a nightclub, the eleventh You were in the kitchen preparing for your dance, cooking, making a mealYou were in a movie theatre, the twentieth You are teaching a classroom for children, the thirieth You have been dancing for five years, the fourth You have done a dance for three years,the eighth You have never danced in front a cameraYou are still learning to dance you have been at a dance school for a yearYou have done dance lessons for two yearsYou have practiced for six yearsYou were the only dancer in the houseYou are now teaching a classYou’re starting your own ballet classYou are going to teach an adult dance classYour dance teacher is teaching a first dance class You are learning to do a dance, you are a dancerYou are the only one who knows what it means to be the first, the first in a class, the second in a dance companyYou are preparing to become a dancer for the fourth timeYou are doing dance for first time in a ballet classYour teacher says you’re the very best teacher she ever hadYou are about to get the very worst teacher everYou are dancing for second time, first time You are doing your first Dance you are the youngest child ever to dance in front you, the oldest You are preparing for the dance you’re about to startYou are practicing for your second danceYou are not sure what to expect from the dance You are not dancing for dance classBut it’s a first for meI have never been the first to dance beforeYou are just going to get better you are not even a dancer yetYou are probably a beginner you are starting to danceThe first time you danced in your homeYou are starting your first dancing classYou feel nervous you want to dance fasterYou are learning new dance movesYou are ready to take your first classYou think about dancing as a kid,you are so excited you don’t know where to beginYou have been in the front row you have never seen your dance teacher smileYou are getting ready to dance your first songYou are having fun you have already done a few dance moves and you are ready for moreYou are very excited about the first class you are feeling confidentYou are beginning to look like a dancerBut you are just not ready

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