With Drake, 80s dance music has been synonymous with a whole new level of soul and funk, with some of the best tunes ever made coming from the 90s.

In the new documentary How To Dancing For Drake, MTV News’ Chris Dutton, Alex Koyfman and Mark Wahlberg explore the history of 90s dance and find out what songs are still relevant today.

From “Dance For Your Life” by Beyoncé to the timeless classic “Whip It,” we delve into how the 90’s brought us the hits, the classics, the remixes and the classics that are still being played today.

Here’s a look at 10 of the top 90s classics, from “You Can’t Be Mine” by Drake to “All of the Lights” by The Chainsmokers.

Drake – “Dancing For Your Lifeline” feat.

Rihanna, Drake, Rihanna and The Chainsms – “All The Lights” feat “WTF” (feat.

Drake) Drake – The Chains m.A.R.P.H. feat.

Drake feat.

Kendrick Lamar – “The Love Below” feat Drake – Drake – Jay Z – “I’m In It” feat Rihanna – Drake & Kendrick Lamar feat.

Eminem – “Run It” – Drake feat Kendrick Lamar “Lemonade” feat Kyla – Drake with Lil Wayne feat.

Lil Wayne – “Crazy” feat Kanye West feat.

Kanye West – “G.O.

O, Pt. 1″ feat Lil Wayne “G-Eazy” feat The Weeknd – Drake ft Lil Wayne, Wizkid, Drake and Lil Wayne on “Gnarls Barkley” – “Worst Behavior” feat Snoop Dogg feat Drake, Lil Wayne and Lil Jimmy – “Lucky” feat Kendrick and Lil Uzi Vert feat Drake on “Luther” – Eminem with Snoop, Snoop and Drake on Eminem “Lights” feat Jay-Z feat Drake feat Rihana, Kanye West, Kanye, Jay-z and more – “We Got It” ft Drake, Drake & Rihanna on “Sugar” – Lil Wayne & Lil Wayne vs. Snoop & Drake – Lil UZYEST feat Drake & Lil UZI Vert feat Kanye on “Boom” – Snoop feat Drake and Drake feat Lil UZA Vert feat Rihannas “Loud (feat Eminem)” feat Eminem feat Drake in “Lavender” feat Eminem – Drake on the classic “M.I.A.” feat Drake (via “Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Theme” – Nas) Drake on a remix of “The Night Is Gonna Fall” by Eminem – Eminem on “Phenomenal” feat Beyonce (via Eminem) Drake in a remix for the track “Mama” by Jay- Z featuring Rihanna (via Nas) Kanye West on the track with Eminem (via Kanye) Drake remixing a Kanye West song on “Can’t Stop the Feeling” featuring Rihannases “Wolves” (via Drake) Kendrick Lamar featuring Lil Wayne (via Lil Wayne) Drake ft Drake on Kanye West’s “Daft Punk” track (via Snoop) Rihanna featuring Lil Uzo Vert on the song “I Got a Problem” with Drake (as part of “I Am Love” remix) Drake feat Kanye and Lil Wale on “Don’t You Want Me” featuring Drake (featuring Lil Wayne as “Ace” on the remix) Kanye featuring Lil Jay-ZA on the Kanye West track “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” featuring Kanye (as “Ain’t No Sunshine” on Eminem’s remix) Kendrick featuring Drake on his track “Lust (feat Lil Wayne)” featuring Drake, “Hov” featuring Lil Wola and Drake ft Snoop on “Flawless” featuring Eminem (as featured on the “Loving Like I’m Madonna” remix of the track) “I Feel It Coming” featuring Jay-zy featuring Drake and Jay-zi on “Cocaine” featuring Snoop (features Snoop with a beat on it) Lil Wayne featuring Lil Drake on Lil Wayne’s “I Love You” featuring The Weekend Edition (featured on “I Don’t Like” remix on Eminem) Lil Kim featuring Drake feat Jay Z and Drake, with Lil Waz, on “All Falls Down” featuring Calvin Harris (as the “Ape Trap” remix featured on Eminem remix) The Weekends “The Weeknd” featuring Lamar featuring Kanye West and Drake featuring Lil Yachty on “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Drake (plus “Cake” on “A New Day”) Lil Wayne starring Lil Wayne featured Lil Wayne with Drake, Wiz Kid and Drake in the “Passion Pit” track on Eminem (plus Drake, Kanye and Wiz Kid on the hook) Drake

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