Dancers in a dance studio are getting their butt lick ready for their latest project.

Dancing gifs can be seen on YouTube in a series of videos uploaded to Chika Dance, an online dance group in the UK.

“This week I’m working on my ass with some of the hottest young talent on the internet,” the group’s founder, Chika, said.

“We have a whole team of dancers working to make the videos.

We want to make these videos as sexy as possible and to make them more professional than anything else we’ve done before.”

Chika Dance has been performing for over a decade and has more than 100 members.

“I always have the best dancers in the world,” Chika said.

“If I see someone who is going to be performing and I want to see them dance, I go down there to see it.”

That’s what we love about it.

You get to see what they can do.

“Dancing GIFs have taken off in recent years with an increasing number of young girls being encouraged to explore the arts, and now, with so much going on in the entertainment industry, Chikas dancing is a constant source of excitement.”

It’s a constant thing,” Chikase said.

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