After an exhaustive list of over 100 torture porn films, a select group of Australians have decided to go on a dance revolution by turning to the dance music of torture porn to bring home the message.

The Dance Revolution was created in an effort to raise awareness about the harms of torture through music, including the lyrics of torture music, in an attempt to stop the spread of torture and torture culture in Australia.

It has received support from the Australian Government and a range of artists including, Mura Masa, The Wombats, Grouplove, Jazmine Sullivan, R&B artist Aaliyah, and even Australian actor George Clooney.

Australian dance producer and DJ Mike McEwan created the film as a means to bring the message home.

“I just wanted to do something positive, because I know that people are very concerned about the state of the world right now and the things that have happened in the past,” Mr McEwan told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not like the world was always perfect, it’s just that things have gotten worse in the last couple of years.”

We wanted to bring people together and have them all dance together to see how we can do something constructive.

“For me, it was a way to bring out the best in people.”

When I first heard the music, it kind of hit me like a bolt of lightning, but after a few months I was like ‘OK, this is a good idea’.

“Mr McEweens band, the Dance Revolution, has been making dance music videos since 2011.

The band’s most recent video, “Torture Porn”, was released in February this year.

In the video, the band’s lead singer, Mike McElroy, plays a piano and sings a series of tortured lines about sexual abuse.

The music video for “Touches” has over 100 million views on YouTube and has been viewed by more than 3 million people.

Mr McEloy said the music video was an opportunity to bring some of the lyrics to a broader audience.”

You can see the pain in people’s faces,” Mr McCelroy said.”

That’s something that I think is really important, and I’m trying to do that in my music.

“Mr McELroy has also collaborated with a range the Australian Dance Institute and The Australian Dance Academy, as well as The Australian Institute of Dance.”

In a way, it is like a dance, but the music is more about the dance,” Mr McMelroy explained.”

The song is about how people can come together and share and learn from each other, but it’s also about how we as a society are a lot more toxic than we know.

“The group has released four other music videos for “touches”, including a song entitled “Ritual Murder” which has been watched more than 4 million times on YouTube.”

Ritual murder” is the theme song for the upcoming Netflix documentary, The Ritual, which follows the lives of people who are tortured by the Australian government and their families.”

I’m not really into music. “

I think it’s a bit weird.

I’m not really into music.

I think it would be better if it was more focused on the people who were tortured.”

While the band have been featured in the recent news stories about the growing number of people killed in the country, they are not the only ones who have chosen to take a stand on torture.

“People are starting to realise that they are being tortured all the time, and that we’re being tortured by this government as well,” Mr McIntyre said.

Mr McIntyre believes that while there are a number of different ways to make music, they all need to be put on the same level, regardless of their subject matter.

“One of the reasons we made the film is to show how music can have a positive impact on the world,” Mr McGreevy said.

The dance revolution is being supported by the Dance Institute, the Australian Federation of Dance Instructors, the Department of Human Rights, and the Australian Council of Dance Educators.

For more information about the Dance Reform movement visit

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