Fox News has revealed that the last Dance outfits will be coming to both the PS4 console and Xbox one consoles. 

The news comes after the Dancewear site launched a petition on to demand that Microsoft cancel the game, which is scheduled to release on March 6, 2018.

The petition, which was launched on Wednesday, claims that the Dance Wear will be sold exclusively on Xbox One. 

In addition, the petition claims that Dancewear is going to have no more Dance outfits, and that Dance wear will be replaced with Dance sets.

The petition states that Dance wears are the most popular fashion item in the game and that the developers are “not doing any good” by selling them. 

As of Thursday morning, the petition had over 1,000 signatures.

Microsoft’s official response to the petition, posted on the company’s website on Wednesday afternoon, stated that the company would look into the petition.

“The Dancewear collection is exclusive to Xbox One and PS4, and as such, it is not available to be played on Xbox Live Gold,” Microsoft said in its official response.

“The Dance wear has also been discontinued on Xbox 360.” 

The Dance outfit is a set of dance accessories that can be purchased in the Dance store.

It includes a dance vest, a dance mask, a dancer’s cape, and a dance robe.

The Dancewear was introduced on December 18, 2016, and was announced in November of that year by Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

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