This article is part of a series examining the best ways to dance rain at the Canadian Summer Music Festival.

Find out what to wear for the festival, what to expect, and where to find your local dance partners.

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Here are some tips to help you out if you’re trying to dance for the rain at Canada Summer music festival: Wear light clothing: Rain dance can be challenging to wear heavy clothing when you’re dancing, so if you have light clothing on, it’ll be easier to get in the rhythm of the rain.

If possible, wear lightweight clothing.

If not, try a scarf or rain jacket that doesn’t come up as much.

Don’t sweat it: If you feel the need to sweat, wear a hoodie and flip flops instead of your usual dance shoes and socks.

If your dance partner has a waterproof rain jacket, it’s worth buying it.

Keep in mind that your rain dance partner might not be able to dance because of a rain storm, so wear appropriate protective gear for the dance.

Don�t overheat: If the weather is wet, your body will not have enough energy to perform the rain dances at the festival.

Instead, it�s important to keep your body cool with an exercise or other activity such as a hot bath or massage.

If a cold rain storm happens, it could be dangerous to the dance partners and you may need to stop or move your dance to avoid injury.

Wear ear plugs: Earplugs work by blocking out sound and help protect the sound coming from your ear.

The best way to listen to music while you dance is to wear a rain dance earphone.

We recommend looking for a rain music program with a rain filter to reduce the amount of sound coming into your ear and help you hear the music.

Learn more about wearing earplugs at the Toronto Rain Dance Festival.

Make sure you have an umbrella: In the rain, you can sometimes see water pouring down onto your dance floor, so make sure you bring an umbrella or some type of cover to protect yourself.

Learn how to use an umbrella at the Vancouver Rain Dance festival.

Get some fresh air: Rain is not the best weather for dancing, but it can help you stay warm.

Try warming up by taking a walk in a sunny location or by going outside.

Get out of your house and go outside.

It�s okay to take breaks and have fun if you need to.

Learn to enjoy the rain and the sun: You may feel like you�re in a bubble or floating in the clouds when you dance.

Learn that you can get some fresh, crisp air when you enjoy the sun and the rain by practicing your dance moves.

If it�ll be raining in your backyard, you may want to bring a rain blanket or a water bottle to keep you warm.

Learn about the different ways to stay hydrated: It�ll help to be familiar with how to drink a lot of water while you�ve been dancing, and if you�ll need water to keep yourself hydrated.

The Canada Summer Festival will continue through Thursday, August 11.

For more information on the festival go to the Canada summer music event website.

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