The pole dancing is one of those skills that you can teach a child to do but that is often overlooked.

This is because of the difficulty of performing the move in front of a crowd, and also because of how difficult it is to perform in public, said Kelli D’Alessandro, an instructor at St. Luke’s Health Sciences Center.

The reason for this is because the dance moves are so fluid and unpredictable.

“You can’t be precise with a pole in the same way you can be precise in a dance class,” she said.

“The movements are so fast and the movement is so unpredictable that it takes a lot of time and energy to master.”

So why do people choose to be pole dancers?

According to D’Agostino, pole dancing may seem like an easy skill, but there are many challenges that come with it.

For one, pole dance is not just a dance.

“There are so many things that are involved in pole dancing, and we have to keep track of them all,” she explained.

In addition, the dancing involves many different movements, such as the “dance from the hips up,” which is performed on a platform.

“Some dancers have to do the ‘dance up the pole,'” she explained, which involves standing up with both hands behind your back and swinging your arms up as high as possible.

Another challenge is that while the dance is performed by standing on the pole, you have to be careful not to bump into people.

“It is very difficult to not bump into someone,” she continued.

“If you are in a crowd and bump into somebody, then you are definitely going to be hit.”

Another challenge in pole dance involves the positioning of the dancers.

“A lot of people have this idea that the pole dancer’s position is important because it gives them control,” she added.

“But it is very important that you position yourself so that your feet are facing the pole and your body is on the platform.”

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