In the first half of the competition, Donald Trump danced to the theme song to “American Psycho” with a small group of dancers.

“I don’t know if it’s the first time it’s happened,” said host Adam Levine.

“He didn’t have any clue what he was doing.

It was embarrassing.”

After the competition wrapped, the judges and other attendees made a point to shake hands with Trump.

“The people who voted for him were so happy, and they wanted to hug him,” Trump said of his win.

“They were all hugging him.

I love it.

They’re hugging me.”

During the next part of the show, Trump was shown dancing to the music of the film “Dancing with the Star,” which was created by the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

“We’re going to have a dance of shame,” he said.

“It’s a movie about a beautiful woman who has a baby, but the husband’s out of the picture.

And she goes on a wild ride.”

The judges, including Levine, made a brief mention of Trump’s controversial tweet in which he suggested that a child with Down syndrome should be aborted because of her disabilities.

“If a child was born with Down Syndrome, we should all be able to take them and raise them and have the best possible life,” Trump tweeted.

“But sadly, that’s not the case, and now we must choose between a child that is sick and needs special care or a child who is not.”

Trump was also asked if he would perform the dance with his wife, Melania, if he wins the presidency.

“Of course, yes,” Trump responded.

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