A masked Iranian dance instructor from the capital Tehran is being hailed a hero for telling a US dance music DJ she is a ghost dancer.

Key points:Iranian dance instructor revealed her true identity to DJ in an online videoKey points of her story:Her mask was taken off by police, but her identity was later revealedThe video was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 10 million timesThe video features a woman in a mask who looks like a ghost dancing and the words “I’m a ghost.”

It’s been viewed over 10 million people since it was posted online last week.

The video has received more than 100,000 views since it went viral on the internet on Sunday.

“You are a good woman, a ghost dance teacher from Iran,” she says.

“My name is Ali, I am from the country of Iran.”

She goes on to explain that she is actually an Iranian national and the mask is a symbol of her identity.

“The reason why I did this is because I have been working with the Iranian National Guard for the past 20 years and I was told to go and work in the US,” she said.

“When I got back from the US, I realized that I am an American citizen, but my identity is different from the rest of the world.”

She says she works in the American-run embassy in Tehran, but was forced to leave because of the Iranian sanctions imposed on the US following the 2009 nuclear deal.

“I felt that I would have to leave the embassy, but I am here to protect the Iranian citizens,” she added.

Her story has received worldwide attention on social media and she has received many comments in the past few days praising her courage.

“If you see an Iranian man, woman, or child walking through the streets of Iran, you should help them,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Do not give in to their fear, because this is the greatest danger that you can face.”

Ali’s full video can be seen here.

In another video, the masked woman, who cannot be identified by name, reveals that she has been teaching dance in Iran for 20 years.

“It is not just me, but every single Iranian woman and every single girl and boy can get their feet wet in this industry and this profession,” she explains.

“We are living a dream, and this is our dream.”

She adds that her work as a dancer is part of a movement of empowerment.

“This industry has been given to me, and I am the reason for it.

And my name is my name, and my work is my work, and that is the most important thing.”

She tells the DJ she has no interest in money, and she does not have any family or friends to repay the debts she incurred.

“There are no debts I owe anybody.

There is nothing I can repay.

All the money that I owe to this country is not worth anything.”

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