Posted November 05, 2019 08:29:30A new video of crab dancing in the surf has gone viral online after being shared on Instagram by a couple in Melbourne.

The video, uploaded to the Instagram account of Melbourne’s School DanceCast, shows a crab performing an intricate dance as it swings on the beach.

“I love crab dancing,” the caption reads.

“This is my favorite.”

The crab appears to be moving its body in a rhythm similar to the one that crab do in real life.

“It’s an art form,” the couple, who have not been identified, told

“They’re very good at this.

They do the best in their life.”

They are a couple from the University of Melbourne who have been filming their life in the world of dance.

“We’re both in our 20s and have been doing it for three years now,” the woman said.

The crab is seen swimming along the sand in the video.

“My husband and I were going out with friends and we saw this beautiful piece of ocean life, so we started filming and we filmed for two days, and we got it up to the second day and we’ve had over 400 views,” the student said.

“So, that’s pretty much the amount of people who have watched it.”

People are like, ‘I’ve never seen a crab dance, you must be crazy’.””

I was really excited when we got the video up on Instagram,” the man added.

The couple said the video was shared more than 100 times and the response was “overwhelming”.”

And then we’ve got to put up the videos on Facebook Live so people can watch it as well.”‘”

We had so many people watch it that we had to do a Facebook Live on Saturday night to share it with all of them.”

And then we’ve got to put up the videos on Facebook Live so people can watch it as well.”‘

It’s amazing’A student from the School DanceClub said the footage was inspiring.”

When you have a crab, it’s just amazing.

It’s a perfect example of crab behaviour.

“The crabs know when you are about to get close to them,” the female student, who goes by the online name of SassyKitties, said.

“They will swim over to the other side of the reef and they will dance.”

The couple also shared a link to a Facebook page that has been inundated with hundreds of likes.

“Everyone is sharing it, it is amazing.

Everyone has been super excited,” she said.

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