By David LiddonBBC News 3rd February 2018 – The world is watching. 

And with the news that a woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for torturing her pet cat in an extreme, horrific manner, we’ve got to wonder what we’ll do when the day comes.

But while this may sound like the plot of a horrible crime drama, this was actually just a cat.

A black cat. 

A black female cat.

The Cat’s Dance cat video has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube.

The cat in the video was rescued in March 2017 from the streets of Melbourne’s south-east.

A vet called Dr Mark MacGregor had to remove the cat’s claws and the vets diagnosed it with a rare form of cataract, which is where the retina and lens of the eye are damaged.

So the cat was put on an intensive care unit and spent four weeks in a cage.

Then it was put up for adoption.

This cat has been put up on a shelter, but the vet has told the ABC it will not be adopted. 

But the vet says that’s okay, because cats are a lot less dangerous than dogs.

It was a very difficult time for him, because this cat has never bitten anyone before, and they’ve had no injuries to the eye.

So Dr MacGregors fears the cat could become a vicious dog in a matter of weeks.

He was also worried that the cat might become aggressive if he put his hand up to its face.

But the cat had been so fearful that he didn’t want to take his hand off it.

The cat was eventually adopted by a local dog breeder.

In the video, the cat is seen looking up at a man with his hands up, and the man is also seen looking at the cat.

“Are you the man who’s been keeping the cat, because it’s been really bad?” the man asks the cat in response.

“Yes, I am,” the cat replies.

And this was a cat with a serious case of cataris.

Cataris is a rare disorder where the optic nerve in the retina is damaged, causing the cat to lose sight in one eye and gain it in the other.

If the cat can’t see, it cannot feel.

There’s no cure for cataris, but doctors say it’s very rare and very difficult to treat.

Some cataracts are caused by trauma to the retina, which can occur when the cat or dog is in the same room as the eye is damaged.

So in this case, Dr Macgregors vet said the cat needed surgery to have its optic nerve restored.

After surgery, the vet said there was a chance the cat would have cataris again in a few weeks, so Dr Mac Gregor decided to put it on a rehabilitation plan. 

“We’re very concerned for the cat because she’s already been through so much trauma, and this could have potentially led to another catarastomy or catarotic surgery,” Dr Mac-Gregor said.

“We don’t want this to happen to her.”

“So I’ll keep her in my arms for now and let her sleep.

She’s very, very happy. 

‘She’s so happy and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen’Dr MacGregoris said the Cat’s Dancing cat has since recovered from the surgery, and is currently up for adoptions.

At the moment, the Cat is up for sale, but it has been up for auction since last October, and there are no bids in.

Dr Macgregor said that was because of a lack of interest.

As the cat grows up, it’s unlikely that it will be adopted, but he hopes that one day someone will buy it.

Because of the catarastic eye, the vets have told the Cats Dancing Cat to be kept indoors.

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