As a Pole Dance class at the University of Leeds, I was surrounded by many young people of all ages and shapes.

Some of them looked at me with admiration, some with fear, and some with disgust.

I was, by nature, a curious and playful person.

I would often talk to my fellow students in a manner that would make the other students laugh, I would make them laugh with me, and I would laugh back.

I loved to dance and I had a wonderful sense of humour, so the idea of a stranger being invited to a pole dancing class made me laugh even more.

I’d be dancing with a group of friends when I’d notice the tall, slim, blond guy who’d joined the class and was dressed in a suit.

“Hey mate, you’re the guy from the school pole dance club, why don’t you join us?”

I’d say, “Oh yeah, you have a good job, you don’t have to do pole dancing, and if you want to join, you just have to sign up”.

He’d look at me, shake his head, and go back to his friends.

“That’s fine, but I don’t think we should join you.

It’s too dangerous, I don to join you.”

So, I asked the tall and slim blond guy, “How do I join?”

I could tell he was thinking of me, because I’d asked him to join us.

He said, “You’re not allowed to join the pole dancing club.”

I asked, “I’m a Pole, you can join, but why do I have to join?”

He said to me, “Well, because you’re a Pole”.

I thought, “OK, I’m going to join now”.

It was a fun, friendly group of people.

As soon as we got to the end of class, I went up to the tall guy, shook his hand, and said,

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