A mother who spent her last dance topless in a net-flix costume is having to hide her identity online.

Theresa Stoltenberg posted a video of herself dancing on the floor topless, wearing a clown mask and dancing to her favourite song, ‘Tear It Up’.

“I just want to say that I feel so lucky to have such a positive life.

It’s a privilege to be able to take part in something that I really love,” she said.”

I really wanted to take my time with it and get a good feel for it, but it’s a lot more fun when you get to the end and do it all yourself.”

The 26-year-old, who lives in Newcastle, said she decided to take the time to dress herself for the first time because she wanted to help others who were struggling to cope with the grief and loss of a loved one.

“It’s really hard to see your loved one go but I just wanted to be there for them, so I just had to do it,” she explained.

“And it was just fun, because it’s not the most formal thing I’ve done in my life, but I’ve always loved to dance and I wanted to do something a bit different.”

Stoltenburg, who is in the UK on holiday, said her friend, a professional dancer who lives overseas, helped her make her costume.

“He came up with the idea and he gave me a few tips, and he even taught me some basic tricks, so it was a lot of fun,” she laughed.

“My mum even had to take a little bit of a break because she was just feeling really sad.”

After the first dance, she was able to get the hang of it, and said it was so much more fun than the last one, when she had to lie down and hide her face.

“You know, it was really difficult because I’ve never done this before, but my mum was like, ‘don’t hide your face, you’re going to have fun.'”

It was really nice because it gave me so much confidence.

“After a while, I had to get used to the mask because I was so nervous, and I couldn’t move, so the mask just kept my face from moving, and it was kind of calming, too.”‘

I love it’She said she also loves the dance she did topless and the fact she got to dress like a clown.

“The last dance was really special because I did something that was totally different and really emotional,” she added.

“To dress like this was really emotional because I know that my mother’s a clown, so for her to do that was really exciting for me.”

She said the costume she wore was really simple, but she was proud to have done it.

“We’ve done lots of different outfits before but it was something completely different, and for me, it made it really easy to go to the next step,” she admitted.

“Just to be completely safe, it’s really easy.”

Stolltenberg, who has two children, said when she was at the gym for her first dance she thought she had done a really good job.

“At first I thought it was the best I’d ever done, but then I realised that it wasn’t really,” she joked.

“So I tried again, and again, but no luck.

I just kept looking and looking.”

Stokestad, the lead dance producer of the dance group ‘Sugar’, said she was very proud of the choreography and talent of the women who took part in the performance.

“There are a lot people who have come in to dance with us, so we really wanted the dancers to really show their skills,” she told ABC News.

“This was definitely a very talented performance, and one that will be very familiar to a lot other people in the world.”ABC/wires

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