The Google Music dance studio is “shoots the stars” with “the kind of creativity, spontaneity, and intensity that’s impossible to find anywhere else,” according to a blog post on the company’s blog.

Google Music has released two dance videos this year, both of which feature stars including Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

The company also announced a partnership with the Chicago Ballet Theater to create a live production of “La La Land” for YouTube, with “all proceeds going to the ACLU.”

“Google Music Dance Studio” is an online DJing service that will have DJs and live performers performing live tracks from all over the world.

Google says it will be able to show users “how to get to know their fellow music lovers,” and the company says the service will offer “more personalized playlists and curated music discovery experiences.”

Google is rolling out the feature to “many other music-focused features, including curated playlists for curated playlist makers and curated playtimes for curated plays.”

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