Dancing bear videos were once considered a niche video game genre but are now being shared widely across social media and are making a comeback.

One YouTube channel that has gained popularity is Dancing Bear, which is a series of video clips showing the adorable dancing bear with his cubs.

The videos feature some cute moments of the bears cubs and even a cute dance to the song by the group, The Dancing Bear.

It is a good thing they were able to keep them away from predators.

“The dancing bear was not allowed to go into the wild because they were scared,” the group said in a video.

“I was also afraid that the cubs might become aggressive if they were left alone.”

The group said it would try to stop the videos from spreading and would offer $500 for a video that caught a bear.

“Dancing Bear is an awesome group of people who have a passion for wildlife, nature and caring for our planet,” Dancing Bear said in the statement.

“We would like to thank the people who shared our videos on YouTube to help us keep them in check.”

Dancing Bears Facebook page also shared the videos, including some that feature a dancing bear and cubs, in which the bears and cub can be seen playing.

“Thank you all for your support.

Dancing Bear will be keeping our cubs safe in our enclosure,” the Facebook page said.”

Watch the video below, and share with your friends and family, or click the ‘like’ button on our website.”

Please be aware that we are not responsible for what happens to our cub in the wild.

If you see or have witnessed any of the animals in the videos please contact the police.

“Dancers bear videos on FacebookDancing bears have been featured in a number of videos across social platforms, including a video from The Dancing Bears’ YouTube channel, Dancing Bear YouTube, and Dancing Bear Instagram.

Some of the videos are very well-done, showing cute moments, and others are just too short to make out the dancing bear’s face.

The Dancing Bear Facebook page is filled with dancing bear photos and videos of cute bears and other animals.”

Happy birthday!

Love you to all,” one bear is seen saying.

Another bears cub, called Bear Boy, is shown playing in a tree.”

This bear boy is so cute!

He was just born today and he is doing great in his new world!

He is a perfect cub!” another cub is seen playing with a stuffed bear.

One of the Dancing Bear videos, Dancing Bears Baby Bear, shows Baby Bear enjoying a bath.

The dancing bears’ Facebook page features many dancing bear pictures.”

My name is Daniel, and I am a cub and a bear in the dance bear family,” one picture says.”

A video on YouTube shows me dancing around a campfire with my cubs!

My name is Dani, and my cub is my favorite.

I love the videos on Dancing Bear!””

Dance Bear is a group of amazing people who love animals and care for nature,” Dancing Bears Facebook post says.

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