The first annual Longboard Dancing for Life festival took place in the Australian city of Perth on Saturday.

The event is set to be held on October 19 and will be the second annual event held in Perth.

The longboard dance festival took off in 2017 and attracted thousands of participants, many of whom came to the city for the event.

The festival aims to promote longboarding as a sport and raise awareness of the need for safe, sustainable longboarding.

Longboarders also get to enjoy music and other activities throughout the day.

The Longboard Dancers will be performing live and on stage during the event, as well as holding a fundraiser.

Longboarding is the sport of riding a longboard and can take place at almost any of the country’s 32 cities.

Longboards have long since become popular among surfers and surfboarders who love the unique, long-lasting, fast and fun way to get around.

They are also popular among skiers who can enjoy the great freedom of the water while also getting some serious practice on the board.

Long boarders are also known for being good at their sport and they have been known to compete against each other in competitions.

They can be seen on YouTube competing in some of the biggest events of the year including the Great North Run, the Ironman, the Triple Crown, the PGA Tour and more.

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